“If you can dream it, you can do it!” This was the first thing I ever read after stepping into a room full of energy, smiles and nice people – when applying for VIP, several years ago.

“Do it internationally” was the line that inspired me to become a member of the InterC organizing team. International Communication – InterC was our first Youth in Action experience, as organizers, not as participants, and as far as I’m concerned, was – as they say it in the movies – the beginning of a beautiful friendship, more than one , actually . 🙂

The seminar was held last year, in Sibiu – European Capital of Culture in 2007 – between September 9-15th, on the topic of intercultural communication, as its name states it, and it was a mixture of serious workshops on acceptance of neighbours (“Who would you rather share a house with? ” – Finnish workshop), minorities’ rights (a role-play illustrating the Romanian Parliament on the minorities’ issues), understanding each other’s mentality, not just their language (“The Monkeys and the Donkeys” – German group game), but we also saw our country through the eyes of a foreign tourist – thanks to our guests from France, who had been in Romania the summer before our project took place and put all their experience on tape, for the world to see.

If you add a visit to The Brukenthal National Museum – Sibiu’s 230 years old emblematic palace, belonging to Samuel von Brukenthal, the baron whose love for paintings, books, numismatics and minerals gained him a well deserved place in local and national history, as a renown collector of beauty – a short trip to ASTRA Museum – and a crazy city quest on a rainy day, you can have just a small picture of what I still consider one of the best experiences of my volunteer student life.

[to be continued]