Pack up your soul and go. 1h30 to prague. 6h big shiny Prague airport. 1h30 to Vilnius.
Blue eyes…

Meet up with turks and catalans and lithuanians. Make a great little potpourri of culture, spice it up in a workshop and what do you get?
You get ICU – the dream. There’s always something about foreign capitals and foreign people that makes you yearn for human contact.
You get two opportunities:
One, well-organised discussions, flawless planning, clever and ambitious timesurfing to churn your imagination and let thought diamonds fly in out-of-this-world patterns.
Two, you get some people from distant lands, sort-of make them at home, sort-of make a schedule, sort-of break the schedule, sort-of take them out sort-of visiting, sort-of bind them all together in harmony. Sort-of break that harmony. Sort-of do it all for the heck of it, the objective is an illustrious and ellusive beast, and catching illustrious and ellusive beasts isn’t really your thing. So sort-of do it all. It’ll be good enough.
And with two, you get ICU – the real deal.

Well thought of before-the-project preparations, ignorance for the project itself.
Share your culture, kids, we’ll just sit back and watch you. And then we’ll show you our uber-traditions. But in a short 2-minute presentation. So nobody gets bored. Okay, we’ve got liftoff!

ICU = a great vacation, where i:

  • danced the Macarena with 12 people from 4 different countries
  • drank from a porro(catalan porro, see pic.)
  • sang and guitared through “dragostea din tei” with screaming foreigners. that is something.
  • played “amintire cu haiduci” on a street in central Vilnius(got the guitar from a group of lithua blue-eyed gallies singing their Bob Marleys out)
  • learned a catalan dance, danced a lithua dance with traditional dancing pro’s
  • talked about NLP, Stanley Kubrick, indie music and Porcupine tree, hair-concealing religiously-symbolic scarves, the political hardships of Turkey and god knows how many random and not-so-random things with a beautiful Turkish girl(never did get to see her hair though)
  • learned that catalans are proud and patriotic from Genis(what a wonderful name), who also had a knack for the South Korean film industry and indie bands(got a mighty blog as well)
  • learned how to say …tasty bad words in 3 different languages
  • the list can go on.

The list should go on. This is the important part. The project was fine in the sense that it gave us freedom to express ourselves, to share our cultures in a non-formal way(often, in the light smoke of a waterpipe). With a little bit more common sense, a little more calm and a lot more discipline and organisation, the project would have been a fulminating success.
This way, it was just a great vacation in a strange land with blue eyes.
I enjoyed the living daylights out of it and it’s something i won’t forget in a long time. Got myself a good day-to-day journal so it’s all written down in history.
Conclusion: learn that it is not only your job to organise, but to make everyone feel like they are part of a great mission. A mission of acceptance, of exploration, of freedom and shiny postcards.
See you again when we ride together.
1h30 to Prague. 6 hours big shiny Prague airport, where Absynth grows on trees. more than 30$’s worth of trees. 1h30 to Bucharest. Enjoy