The truth is that the participants made everything happen and in my opinion they are the heart of the project. So, in this article I would like to describe each one in just a short line.


Laura Ulevice (Lithuania) – the organizer of the project, tried her best to make everything comfortable

Aurelija (Lithuania) – we celebrated her birthday right in the middle of the project, lovely fruit cake

Jurga (Lithuania) – great dancer and she even tried to teach us some Lithuanian songs, trust me, that didn’t go so well J

Justas (Lithuania) – funny guy, I learned from him how to say “You’re beautiful!” in Lithuanian (it really helped me on our night in town)

Benas (Lithuania) – our Vilnius guide, a pragmatic person with high dreams, knows his way with the cocktails

Tayfun (Turkey) – full of energy, he told us that his friends call him “Fun” (we didn’t) and also he is addicted to Grey’s Anatomy

Senem (Turkey) – really likes to party and she is thinking of making palinca in Ankara, what can I say, she really liked our drink

Hatice (Turkey) – great cook, she prepared us some great Turkish delights; I’m desperate for their spices

Hicret (Turkey) – a future English teacher in Istanbul, has her own radio show and she is a real source of authentic Turkish culture

Cihan (Turkey) – big fan of Hagi, he demonstrated to us that you don’t really need English to communicate with others, great character

Genis (Catalonia – Spain) – party animal, he gave me as a gift the one, the only, porro, (traditional Catalonian drinking “bottle”)

Elia (Catalonia – Spain) – Austrian girl staying 9 months in Spain with EVS, I found her really courageous

Anna (Catalonia – Spain) – eager to come and visit Romania, very interested in our culture and traditions, also a good dancer

Lluis (Catalonia – Spain) – music is a part of him, he always listened Jarabe de Palo – La Flaca (great song)

Toni (Catalonia – Spain) – a little slacker and a real pleasure to talk to him, has a funny accent

Yildiz (Romania) – the official photographer of our team, a lovely girl, really likes paying attention to details

Ioana (Romania) – my partner in sightseeing, I still own her a National Geographic copy, sorry Ioana

Laura (Romania) – I enjoyed spending time with her, really organized (when needed) and very funny

Horatiu (Romania) – who would have taught that we will sing in the streets of Vilnius, with Horatiu as lead guitarist? We didn’t make any money, though.

As night fell on the streets of Vilnius, somewhere in a corner, two boys started playing “La Valse D’Amelie”…the perfect ending of a mysterious journey…

Bogdan – your rookie writer